Earth from Spaceship
We combined advancements in material sciences, technology, and 3D printing to create full-body suits that effectively protect the wearer from different types of radiation, and biological threats. That means you keep
your peace of mind, keep your full health, and never be at the mercy of those that may wish harm upon you.
Not only that, but we're pioneering the entire industry of Quantum Suits that serve a variety of high-purpose
functions. Explore our R&D page to learn more about the avenues of approach we're taking to maximize our
reach, and positive impact on humanity. This is about restoring our national security, and economic stability.
The goal is to ensure anyone can protect themselves if they choose to do so given volatile circumstances.
Our team was assembled to pioneer super suit technology to combat, and deter 'invisible threats' from our
communities. We're taking advantage of decades of science, engineering, nano-technology, and 3D printing
with imaging software to tailor the perfect fit or customization. The meta-materials we source, and combine
in the layering of the suit are what give it it's resistance properties. The anti-radiological properties are in part
from one material that consists of a polyethylene and PVC-based polymer fused between two layers of woven fabric. The polymer molecule has been designed so that incoming radiation will intercept a large electron cloud,
which will deflect or absorb it. Effectively you can imagine a layer of charged gas that radiation can't penetrate.
Your most valuable asset is your health & your stable state of mind. Recent advancements in technology & science have created new 'invisible threats' that have upended our normal ways of life. This includes biological & radiological threats other than nuclear weaponry. For instance, the US Secretary of Defense alerted us in late 2020 that Russia & China have 'direct energy satellites' in low earth orbit, and then was fired by Trump. We've been developing these radiological weapons for decades, and it is mainstream knowledge how far we've come. Although you may have noticed that it's hard to believe given how it's straight out of a sci-fi movie. Additionally, we have been increasingly exposed to prolonged radiation exposure from our devices, and controversial cell towers. There has already been
thousands of studies conducted in the last few decades that demonstrate direct links between prolonged exposure to radiation, and higher risk of cancer & neurologic symptoms. These statements are not conspiracy or blind speculation, but indisputable realities that we are dealing with in the real world. That is because every cell in our bodies is reactive to specific wavelengths that disrupt normal
functionality over time. It is imperative to emphasize this point, and paramount you learn it. Scientific biological weapons have also been many decades in the making, and unfortunately now with the dark web, and cryptocurrencies it's never been easier for anyone
to anonymously access them. We're dealing with an evolving torrent of biological threats including the widely covered 'coronavirus mutations'. The only solutions being utilized are a continuous stream of highly questionable mRNA vaccines, which are becoming increasingly mandatory, and a cycle of locking down our civilization. This is resulting in an exponential decay of not only ourselves,
our supply chains, but to a higher degree in foreign populations where we see 10x the number of people starving to death, and dying
of easily preventable disease. The solution we've pioneered since 2018 is our Quantum Suits to liberate the free world, and restore the peoples lives from overreaching gov that is resulting in economic turmoil, and population decline. 
Quantum Works LLC

Pioneering the super suit technology of

the future. This is how we can prevent

all pandemics, and ensure we will be

protected from any invisible threats.


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