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So what are we doing here...

Why would anyone want to buy a Quantum Suit? Well at the moment 1/3rd of the nation is vaccinated, and another 1/3rd refuse to get vaccinated. You see that vaccinated people are granted more freedoms than if you're not. That pointblank means you won't be able to travel freely unless you have your 'vaccine passport' to prove you've had the latest periodic temporary vaccine shot. There's an opportunity to provide people with an alternative to temporary vaccines. There is no single vaccine that will grant you prolonged full immunity. Everyone's immunity will wear off quickly or become obsolete from mutations. There is effectively a constant stream of people that will require additional 'booster shots' in order to operate freely, which is really a constant stream of people that will recognize our line of super suits as their only option. This growing number of people want to break free of that control cycle, and survive independent from government overreach. There is no alternative besides wearing your own Quantum Suit to have the same freedoms as those that are vaccinated. The fact is you won't always have access to the next vaccine when you're job needs you to travel that week. A suit in the closet is the sustainable long-term solution, and will be FDA, FFA, and CDC approved to substitute requiring a 'vaccine passport'. The FDA, and CDC already approved the core technology behind the suits HVAC + UVC sterilization cycle technology. 

Our Version 2 model is profoundly game-changing, and will spark the imagination of all video game players. The technology exists for us to incorporate some advanced functionality, such as an interface display on the visor that you can interact with through either voice, eye tracking or even mind control. You heard that right, check out next-mind.com notice how easy, and cheap it is. We're setting the ground work to own the development of the advanced super suits we'll be using in the near future. What do you think you'll be wearing when you take off in your flying car or jet pack or space journey tourism? Right now we are living through the part of history when we have to wear super suits to protect ourselves from biological, and radioactive threats.

You know we're dealing with biological threats being the torrent of 'covid mutations', but besides nuclear radioactivity what else do you think there is? For some reason it wasn't widely reported that the US Secretary of Defense under Trump alerted us that China, and Russia have 'direct energy satellites' in space with atmospheric penetrability capabilities. You can easily find a government website that corroborates that, and more direct energy weaponry we've been developing for decades. If the public knew that, and saw examples of these weapons being used on them think about how life changing that would be. When you're wearing the suit the meta-material layering will give you many times higher immunity to more types of radiation than any hazmat suits on the market. Our military personnel now also

have to upgrade their gear to our line of Quantum Suits to fend against direct

energy weapons. 

Additionally, we also find ourselves dealing with climate change leading to extreme weather changes, such has been blamed for the recent record cold in Texas. You can voice adjust the temperature in your suit to stay warm or cool to withstand extreme environments. Looks like we're dealing with climate change, biological warfare (random covid mutations), and alarming radiological threats to our health. This suit will protect you from all of that, and only the people that have this suit will be able to function freely. This was true earlier this year when you were ordered to not travel when you may have wanted to. If you had your suit maybe you could have saved your job or escaped the lockdowns in time. We don't want to scare you about these very real circumstances we're in, but doing nothing is giving up everything. If America adopted these suits we'd be liberated from that fear, and be sustainably equipped to handle most scenarios.

Thanks for your support - spread the word.

We're planning the unveiling of the V1 Suit for this August in Florida.
We've secured additional contractual arrangements for material sourcing.
We've negotiated a price-point with our desired manufacturers, awaiting further discussion.