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Material Science: Meta-Materials

We are leading the race in meta-material innovations. That means finding applications for existing new materials, and combining the fields listed below to serve desired functions. The R&D exploration aspect of our operations plays a fundamental role in all future market sectors, and industries. Everything is made of materials, and now that we can control literally every feature of any type of material being used we can pioneer applicable solutions that maximize desired functions. For example, instead of using a metal that

gets hot quickly, which would lose conductivity, we would easily make an alloy that would remain conductive, and not overheat. We can change the weight, density, conductivity, impact resistance, extreme temperature resistance, pressure gradient, refraction gradient, melting points, flexibility, shape memory, reflectivity, absorption properties, permeability, magnetic properties, overall atomic structure, and apply nano-coatings that also have a wide-range of applications. 

The Quantum Suit

Meta-materials have allowed us to create a line of super suits that are on par with our wildest dreams.

If we had new battery technology for high energy storage we'd be able to make an Iron-Man suit now.

We're not building offensive suits, besides a hidden non-lethal component in the QSuit V2. We will have

offensive attachments you can purchase separately for V2, and V3, but the main goal is ensuring we can comfortably be protected from all biological, and radiological threats. This has been achieved with our first two models that give us that level of protection we need. V3 will be unveiled at the end of 2021. We can also build a fully bullet proof suit for V4, but there are always big enough guns to penetrate. That is unless we can jump to 2025 where we will have that battery technology, and stronger than diamond lightweight meta-materials, which we've already created at small scale recently. The production process is the challenge for that new scientific accomplishment called Graphene. We're designing bionic suits for the handicapped, workers, soldiers, robotics, and individuals. 

Vibration Senses

A well-thought out integration of point vibrations on the inside of the suit can communicate to the wearer

key insights about the outside world. For instance, instead of hearing sounds for every suit alert from sensors you can feel a vibration on your lower back that you know means this or that. There have been

studies done that have demonstrated this capability, and have shown the wearers adapt to it easily. 

You will be able to customize where the vibrations are, and what sounds for alerts are made from the app. 


Atomic Structure


Bullet Proof




Integrated Computational Materials


Metal Alloys

Semiconductive Materials

Heat Resistant Aerogel

High Energy Storage

Surface Science


Graphene Alloy

Wide-Spectrum Immunization

We have solutions for individuals who choose to 100% sterilize the air they breathe of viral particulates. This decision would leave the wearer with an obsolete immune system over time due to the lack of exposure for the immune system to maintain, and update its defenses. Our solution to the problem is periodic wide-spectrum vaccines containing all relevant disabled viruses from the current ecosystem you are exposed to. This will ensure your immune system is becoming stronger since you aren't breathing in any viral loads. 


Pioneering the super suit technology of

the future. This is how we can prevent

all pandemics, and ensure we will be

protected from any invisible threats.


QSuit V1​

QSuit V2

QSuit V3 

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